Lagos State engages workers on digital proficiency


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Chuks Udo Okonta

Lagos State Government in preparing its public servants for dynamism, effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery to the public, has equipped them with digital skills.

The Commissioner, Ministry of Establishments, Training and Pensions, Dr Benson Oke, made this known at the opening session of a 2-Day Workshop tagged: ‘Advanced Microsoft Office Training’ organized by the Public Service Staff Development Commission (PSSDC) in Lagos.

He said the State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode fully recognises the enormous value that knowledge and skills training bring to bear on the attainment of the strategic objectives of the government and its public service.

He said the ministry has always been in the vanguard of advocating for the institutionalisation of essential training programmes that benefit the most strategically-placed officers in the public service.

He noted that the Governor’s interest in the welfare and training of officers of the civil service is unparralled.
Benson added that consumers are now empowered by search engines and social media at every stage of their customer journey noting that 80 per cent of them conduct online research before making a purchase, and 70 per cent of the buyer’s journey is complete before they reach out to a sales representative.
He stressed that digital has enabled consumers to self-educate, and be much more scrupulous when making their definitive purchase decision.

He said: “The observation above is equally applicable to service organisations such as the civil service. This therefore creates an obligation for organizations to acknowledge and adapt to this digital growth if they want to achieve lasting customer success and be as profitable as possible. Again, 76 per cent of marketers think that marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past fifty, which means that continual upskilling is essential.

“Indeed, a short term investment in digital skills training will result in long term reward – empowering an organization and its employees, maintaining their competitive advantage and ensuring they are not left behind. The government believes that high performances have been known to increase in organizations that expose their human capital to development through training programmes of this nature.

“The need for ensuring and assuring the efficiency and effectiveness of public institutions has never been greater than now. In a dynamic age of constant changes, it is widely agreed that institutions must have clearly-defined missions that are relevant to the needs and aspirations of its stakeholders. Following this, the human capital at the helm of leadership in these institutions must be ready to embrace change and to acquire the skills required to engage with change,” he added.

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