Adeosun urges governments to tackle risks associated with national identity


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Chuks Udo Okonta

Nigeria cannot solve her security, social and economic development challenges if risks associated with identification of everybody in the country is not tackled, President, Risk Managers Society of Nigeria (RIMSON) Engineer Jacob Adeosun, has said.

He disclosed the today at the 2017 Risk Management Conference and Awards Ceremonies in Lagos. He noted that the identification of people living in the country is more important than the proposed population headcount.

“In my personal capacity, and as a matter of personal opinion, I want to call the attention of The Federal and State Governments throughout Nigeria to one major risk which I seem not to understand what is being clearly done. This is about the identification of all and every human being in Nigeria.

“At the moment, only those with international passports, drivers licence and national ID Card can be identified. This is not acceptable. Nigeria cannot solve her security, social and economic development challenges without this basic data under the secure control of government. This should not be treated from political consideration.

“In my view, this identification exercise is more important than the population headcount. And it can be efficiently and effectively done without disruption of activities over a reasonable period of time. RIMSON is available to discuss this further with the Government,” he said.

Ekaha presenting a plaque to Akalonu

Adeosun said the 2017 conference with the theme: Risk Management and the Changing Global Paradigms is an apt choice for providing the opportunity to periscope the reality of several emerging risks in the rapidly evolving global space as well as provoking thoughts through paper presentations and discussions, on how these risks might impact individuals, corporate entities in Nigeria.

He noted that the society is determined to spread the gospel of Risk Management amongst students and to catch them young, adding that RIMSON will from next year institute Awards for Best Post Graduate student in Risk Management at the University of Lagos and also at undergraduate and professional levels.

He stressed that the first recipients of these RIMSON’s Awards will be celebrated during the Induction of new members.

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