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DStv Explora 3A

By Oluniyi D. Ajao

The insurance industry in South Africa is massive and entrenched into every facet of the economy. From cellphone insurance, through car insurance to home insurance, the industry has many players vying for your business. One of the specialised ones is the company that offers insurance coverage on DStv satellite decoders.

While the decoders carry a warranty for the first year, the DStv subscriber can have some assurance of coverage against hardware damage by paying extra on insurance policy especially before the warranty wears off.

The insurance policy, underwritten by a South African insurance company NMS Insurance Services, is strictly limited to decoders that are used within the borders of South Africa.


Not covered
Under the policy, a DStv decoder is covered for:

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mechanical or electrical malfunctions that occur after the waiting period. If the decoder is still in the warranty period, mechanical and electrical malfunction will be covered in terms of the warranty.
damage resulting from attempted theft, fire, lightning, flood or explosion; and
total loss as a result of theft, fire, lightning, flood or explosion.
In the event of damage that occurs in respect of #1 and #2, Multichoice will replace your decoder at a MultiChoice Customer Service Centre with a decoder from service stock of the same or similar type.
In the event of a total loss that occurs in respect of #3, we will replace your decoder at a MultiChoice Walk-in Centre with a new decoder of the same or similar type.
Not covered

What is NOT covered under this policy

mechanical or electrical malfunction of the decoder where the malfunction occurs during the Waiting Period – if the decoder is still in the warranty period, this will be covered in terms of the warranty;
mechanical or electrical malfunction of a decoder battery;
accessories that are included with the mobile decoder unless the mobile decoder itself requires replacement in respect of clause 3.1.3;
smartcards, modems or TV links whether or not purchased from or provided by MultiChoice;
remote control units unless the decoder is replaced in terms of #3 above;
damage caused by misuse, negligence or abuse;
loss, damage, destruction or reception problems caused by unauthorised tampering with the decoder or the decoder’s aerial system;
loss or damage as a result of fraud or dishonesty by you or with your involvement or consent;
lawful attachment of the decoder as a result of a legal process or lawful police action;
decoders that have been hired to third parties;
loss or damage occurring outside of the geographical area stipulated in the schedule;
loss or damage to a decoder that arises from any of the SASRIA Exclusions or the Nuclear Exclusions;
the Smart LNB;
satellite dish;
other devices and cables that are connected to your decoder; for example, your television set, DVD, surround sound system;
wall mountings, cables and other items used in the installation of the decoder;
installation costs, including fees paid to a professional installer.
The insurance policy is tied to each DStv decoder’s serial number. Thus, you would need a policy for every decoder if you own more than one and wish to cover all of them.

The cost of the insurance policy is automatically added to your DStv monthly bill and where you pay your DStv bills annually, there is no discount on the policy.

The information on this website is neither exhaustive nor authoritative. The user is entreated to confirm full and up-to-date information from the service provider before making a subscription decision.


You can sign-up through any of the listed platforms below:

Download the DStv app and select the DStv decoder(s) you want to insure
Visit Self Service on – My Decoders or Insurance dashboard – and select the DStv decoder(s) you want to insure
WhatsApp DStv on 060 060 3788 and select “Insure your decoder”
SMS the word INSURE to 32445 and DStv agents will call you back
Email your request to dcc (at)
Call them on (011) 369 4000
Visit any of their Service Centres

The cost of the monthly premium varies according to the type of decoder being insured.

Decoder Monthly Premium
Explora R35.00
HD PVR 2Tuner R29.50
HD DStv decoder R20.00
Single view decoder (DSD1110, DSD1131, DSD1132) R20.00
While DStv decoder models not listed in the table above cannot be insured on new contracts, DStv would still support active policies linked to such decoders.

I have had to make a claim on this insurance policy and can confirm it works without difficulty. I had made use of the first version of the DStv Explora decoder that started showing some problems after a year of usage. I had subscribed to the insurance policy before then and received a new replacement decoder without much of a fuss once the problem with the previous decoder was confirmed.

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