FBNInsurance trains retail managers, holds 5th customer forum


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Chuks Udo Okonta

FBNInsurance Limited, on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 held its quarterly Retail Managers training for its Area sales Managers, Senior Sales Managers and Retail Sales Managers respectively in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

The firm undertakes the quarterly exercise to serve two purposes: to continuously improve the sales knowledge and capacity of its Retail team, and also to align the sales team with the firm’s corporate strategy; a formula that has been working quite well for the company.

The firm recognises that the Retail sales team, with its over 3000 sales force is crucial to the company’s growth and its positioning as the insurance company to beat in the retail space. The company’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Val Ojumah commended the efforts of the Retail team and spoke about the sacrifice the team has made to put the firm in the top spot. “The Retail team is the company’s potent sales force. This team of over 3000 vibrant men and women from all over Nigeria has sold insurance under the sun and in the rain to ensure the company stays ahead in the retail space.”

Every company that has set its eyes on being the best recognizes the importance of having Managers who can inspire their subordinates to be even more diligent; and that is yet another reason for the existence of the FBNInsurance quarterly training. Mr. Val Ojumah is well aware that motivation is vital to the provision of exceptional service and its subsequent rewards, and key to this, is training. “It is pertinent for us as a company to continuously train Managers of the retail team on managing the retail workforce as well as addressing issues confronting the company, with a view to providing exceptional service to our customers, as well as motivating the Retail sales force to strive for more.”

Still as part of the company’s strategy to build its customer-centric positioning and enhance customer-management relationship, Mr. Val Ojumah during its 5th Customer Forum held in in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, on February 26th, 2020 reiterated the need to always put the customer first, and at the heart of everything the company does.

The forum, which serves as a platform for the company to push customer-management practices such as listening to customers’ complaints, issues, commendations and feedback has always been well-received by customers. One customer who pleaded anonymity praised the firm’s willingness to be readily available whenever the customers have need of its services. “What I love about FBNInsurance is, they do not just promise, they also deliver. I introduced some of my friends and relations to FBNInsurance and we are all enjoying the services being rendered to us from time to time. FBNInsurance gives me peace of mind because they are always available to us. I will continue to introduce more people to insure their trust with this great insurance company: FBNInsurance.”

Another customer who was pleased with the VIP treatment she always get from the firm in the execution of its service to her, could not hide her delight. “Your members of staff gives me V.I.P. treatment always, and I say with so much joy in my heart, that I will always choose your company over any other insurance company, any day, any time.”

In response to these glowing testimonials, the Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Mrs. Elizabeth Agugoh expressed her satisfaction that the company is doing things right by its customers. “We are humbled by these heart-warming comments from our esteemed customers. They say ‘the customer is king’, if these kings and queens find us worthy of these kind words, it shows that we are indeed, doing many things right.”

She goes on to reaffirm the company’s commitment to providing excellent service to its customers. “We are grateful and we promise not to rest on our oars to ensure optimum satisfaction for all our customers.”

The event wrapped up with a free health check for all the customers who attended the Customer Forum. The health check was sponsored by FBNInsurance, which reaffirms the company’s commitment to putting the customer first; a strategy that has seen it grow in reputation as the fastest growing insurance company in Nigeria.

This is quite a feat for a company that was incorporated just ten years ago.

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