ILAN President pushes for more female in loss adjusting business

From left: Outgoing President Institute of Loss Adjusters of Nigeria, Alhaji Femi Hassan, Newly Sworn-in President ILAN, Mr. Reginald Egbuniwe, Administerer of Oath Odion Aideloje and Past President ILAN Chief Lebi Omoboyowa during the Investiture of Egbuniwe as the 12th President of the Institute of Loss Adjusters of Nigeria in Lagos.

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Chuks Udo Okonta

The President, Institute of Loss adjusters of Nigeria (ILAN) Reginald Egbuniwe, has expressed worry over the few number of females in loss adjusting field and pledged to work assiduously to correct the anomaly by liaising with the Professional Insurance Ladies Association (PILA).

Egbuniwe, who disclosed this in an acceptance speech delivered at his investiture yesterday in Lagos, noted that presently, the institute has only two female members.

“In my years as a Loss Adjuster, I have noticed a scarcity of females in this field. This has often been attributed to the demanding nature of the job when one considers traveling at short notice, being absent from the home and minding children, and the general discomforts of working in the field.

“While this perspective may have some validity, upon deeper reflection I believe that as an Institute we have a greater role to play in encouraging our female colleagues to pursue careers in Loss Adjusting. Currently, we have only two female members of ILAN and it is hoped that through a closer relationship with PILA we can seek solutions which is hoped will attract more women into our fold,” he said.

He noted that he strongly believed professional women have a lot to offer the institute and that his administration will seek to harness this source of talent.

He maintained that with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, industry players have had to rely more on technology to keep businesses going, stressing that he does not see operators going back from whatever advances the pandemic might have pushed them towards.

“Going forward over the next few years I would expect our members to embrace technology and always keep their staff informed of contemporary trends both within and outside the industry. A competent Loss Adjuster should possess knowledge beyond their immediate field.

“As you are all aware, there are many challenges ahead. Almost all of us face difficult financial constraints and some of our members are currently facing very tough economic or administrative issues that may affect theirability to achieve their true potentials, however we must not forget we are an internationally recognised organisation – united by our values and rich with talent. If each of us puts in what we can, we will find that we can not only get back what we need, but also so much more on top of that,” he posited.

He noted that over the next two years, which he will be at the driving seat of the institute, his administration will not only continue to build on its strengths, but also take on new directions, adding that his regime will continue the programs that strengthen the institute’s professionalism – through education, training and setting new standards for best practices.

“We shall also retain our commitment to solidarity, ensuring that our members who are less resourced can have more opportunities and assistance to develop the skills, the methods and operating frameworks required to succeed in these changing times, to ensure that all of us are able to perform our critical roles which benefit the society at large,” he added.

Egbuniwe posited that his administration has a strategic priority to position the institute to be prepared for the inevitable changes that new technologies bring, stressing that while his administration aspires to develop the institute, it must also proffer solutions to make the claims experience a less stressful one for the consumer.

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