Insurance man Uranta becomes Royal Father in Opobo kingdom

Dr. Justus Clinton Uranta, the former Group Managing Director/CEO of Niger Insurance Plc is set to join the ranks of Royal Fathers in Nigeria following his recent emergence as Alabo-Elect of Queenstown in Opobo Kingdom, Rivers State.

His coronation ceremonies scheduled for June 7, 8 and 9, 2019 will formally mark the beginning of his journey to serve his people as His Royal Highness (HRH) after more than 35 years of meritorious career in the insurance industry.

Queen’s Town (Kweniama) was founded and established by Chief Captain Uranta in 1887 under the protectorate of her Britannic Majesty, HRM Queen Victoria 1, Queen of England.

Today, Queenstown is part of the Opobo Kingdom, established by Chief Captain Uranta along with others, including the revered King Jaja of Opobo. Chief Captain Uranta was a merchant warlord who fought and conquered many battles that earned him War Canoe Houses in Ibani translation– Omufie Aru Wari.

After the reign and death of Chief Captain Uranta, there had been other great men of repute who had reigned in royalty on their father’s throne, including Chief Justice Elijah Allswell Uranta, TIU’s illustrious father.

The immediate past Chief that occupied this royal stool was HRH Alabo Magnus N. C. Captain Uranta, Captain Uranta (X) Paramount ruler of Queenstown, Iroanya section.

After the death and burial of the immediate past Chief, the Royal stool has remained vacant with the need to fill the vacuum. On that premise, a resolution was passed to Chief Captain Uranta War Canoe House to search for a befitting replacement.

Following an elaborate meeting of Chief Captain Uranta Wariseniapu Council Queenstown held on 27th January, 2019 at Chief Captain Uranta Palace, a consensus was reached and the Council unanimously elected/appointed Amaopusenibo Dr. Justus Clinton Uranta as Alabo Designate of Chief Captain Uranta War Canoe House and Iroanya Section.

Dr. Justus Clinton Uranta is a former Group Managing Director/CEO of the NSE-quoted Niger Insurance Plc.

An astute Manager of Men & Resources, Dr. Justus Clinton Uranta had over 20 years of experience at the top management level of Niger Insurance Plc before bowing out of office as the GMD.

Prior to this, he held top management positions in other equally notable public institutions: such as NICON Insurance Corporation, Federal Ministry of Trade (finance) and Veritas Insurance Company, to mention but a few. He has served on the Board of the following companies: Niger Insurance Plc; NIC Properties Ltd; NIC Securities & Trust Ltd; Beta Glass Industries; Union Assurance Co.; Express Discount Ltd and Trustfund Pensions Plc

A graduate of Business Administration from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Dr Uranta holds an MBA from the Delta State University and a Doctorate in Business Belize, from the Common Wealth University, Central America.

Uranta is a Chartered Insurance, and council member of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN), as well as Vice-Chairman, West African Insurance Institute (WAII) at The Gambia and alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School (AMPIO 2010).

A grassroots man, he is well at home with members of his rural community. His belief in selfless service to humanity has been demonstrated in his contributions to educational advancements in his environment.

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