NCRIB executive secretary Adegbenro marks birthday today


* Inspenonline wishes him wonderful years ahead

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Chuks Udo Okonta

The burden of writing felicitations for a man like the Executive Secrrtary of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) Fatai Adegbenro, is a difficult one, because of the different dimensions of goodness that his life exemplifies.

However, the task has to be done. The celebrant is one of the rearest human beings, leader and professional that I have had course to personally work with in my career and I guess same for my colleagues at the Secretariat which he heads.

An embodiment of intellect wrapped in humility, many may not realise that Adegbenro was one of the insurance professionals that earned the coveted ACII London quite early after school . He is also a Fellow of the Institute and had taught many professionals who are MDs or holding commanding heights in insurance institutions today. Yet, Adegbenro has remained himself, relating with everyone as friends and colleagues.

In the office, he is not the type that bosses his subordinates around. Rather, he mentors and treats them as colleagues. His strength lies partly in his voracious reading appetite and implicit faith in the Almighty Allah whom he believes ordains all things, whether good or bad. Though strict when it comes to ethics and discipline, he does so with love and human kindness. Little wonder the staff project an image of discipline and contentment all the time.

A stickler for time, Mr Adegbenro exemplifies ethics and sincerity and noble spirit. Sure, many members who come across him would testify to his leadership grace as he often leaves them better than they came to the Secretariat. An excellent mixer and socialite, he is someone I would call a holistic manager as he “ministers” to your needs through counselling that touches the spirit, soul and body.

We must not forget to give credit to him as a critical part of the Management team the stability and progress being recorded by our Council under different leaders that he served.

On this special day, the President of our Council, Dr Mrs Bola Onigbogi; the Governing Board and all members are celebrating the man who has shown himself beyond doubt as an epitome of godliness, uncorruptness, gravity and sincerity, Alh Abdulfatai Adegbenro, ACII, FCII.

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