Danslei debuts to help SMEs gain market relevance

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Danslei Nigeria Limited has debuted in Lagos providing services in Public Relations, Media Sales and Marketing Services, with the focus to help SMEs become well known industry brands and dramatically transform their businesses.

The company believes that goodwill (reputation) is a critical asset in achieving success especially in a competitive environment. Businesses, institutions, governments, nations, states and nonprofit organizations need reputation managers to build their brand.

According to the Company, businesses that fail to use professionals to manage their reputations may not only lose reach in the digital world, but may not even be noticed amid all the noise.

“At Danslei , we pack a combination of social and traditional media as primary option for managing information about our clients products, services and reputation. We understand that the little contribution we make in our communities go a long way in making our nation a better place to live and work in.”

Uzo Ofurum, executive director and head of Business Development at Danslei Nig Ltd said buying and creating media space in any media is a time-intensive process reflecting hours of transactions between buyers, sellers and creative agents, so we have come up with solutions that are user friendly and cost efficient for both the media sellers and the buyers.

“Our information rich services reduce the buyer’s time, while enabling the development of a cost effective media strategy.”

Danslei serves as a third sales channel for radio and television , newspapers and social media, complimenting their national and local sales efforts, Ofurum said.

Uzo Ofurum has preached the gospel of reputation management directly to the local businesses in several cities across Nigeria. He now translates his knowledge of the digital and traditional landscape into accessible information for those still stuck in the rut of inadequate dissemination of the values that they bring to the society.

Uzo’s expertise in Sales, Training, Marketing, Network, Reputation Management, media planning comes from numerous executive and ownership positions he has held across multiple service related businesses. His track record of success is continued at Danslei Nigeria Limited, the company said.

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