Lagos keen on delivering value to residents


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Chuks Udo Okonta

Lagos State is keen to produce impactful, influential, and inspirational leaders in its public servants to deliver value for the people, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, has said.

He spoke at a training for senior civil servants on the topic, “Leadership And Management Training For Senior Civil Servants” in the State.

The Governor represented by Commissioner, Ministry Of Establishments, Training, and Pensions, Dr. Akintola, Benson said primary duty of public servants is to deliver value for the people of this state.

He stated that his administration has been approving trainings for the benefits of the critical and invaluable human resources in charge of the institutions of the public service.

He said he hopes that the training will further the monumental task of transforming the senior civil servants into impactful, influential and productive officers to such degrees that the output of the public service will inspire the good people of Lagos State.

“My administration fully recognizes the enormous value that knowledge and soft skills training bring to bear on the attainment of the strategic objectives of the government and the public service.

“Also, the Ministry of Establishments, Training and Pensions has always been in the vanguard of advocating for the institutionalisation of essential training programmes that benefit the most strategically-placed officers in the public service.

“Indeed, it is a truism that high performances have been known to increase in organizations that expose their human capital to leadership development through training programmes of this nature. The need for ensuring and assuring the efficiency and effectiveness of public institutions has never been greater than now. In a dynamic age of constant changes, it is widely agreed that institutions must have clearly-defined missions that are relevant to the needs and aspirations of its stakeholders.

“Following this, the human capital at the helm of leadership in these institutions must have the courage to envision a future that realizes the attainment of the defined mission of the institutions. I fully agree that only strong and trained leaders can envision the right and appropriate future for organisations.

“Where leaders do not possess the attitude, aptitude and skills that are relevant for the times, they become fundamentally flawed in any attempt to craft a beneficial and compelling vision for their organizations. And, as we all know, in the absence of vision, the people perish as the institutions become rudderless and their journey becomes one without a map.

“The Lagos State Civil Service has always been in the forefront of innovation and dynamic effectiveness in the country.
The primary duty of public servants is to deliver value for the people of this state. My administration is irreversibly committed to enlarging and expanding the scope of trainings for the people who can help deliver this value,” he noted.

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