Continental Reinsurance bags 2022 Most Innovative Reinsurer in Africa award

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Continental Reinsurance Plc has been named as the 2022 award winner for Most Innovative Reinsurer by Capital Finance International (

From its Nigerian roots, Continental Reinsurance has evolved over the past three decades into a truly pan-African player, Capital Finance International, said.

It noted that since its launch in 1985, the company has become one of the few African reinsurers with the resources and skills to challenge the multinationals operating on the continent.

The history of Continental Reinsurance, it said is marked by strong corporate governance and international best practices and always with a key focus on innovation, adding that the reinsurer’s commitment to above-board operational standards has proven fundamental in attracting capital from international investors, including some prominent names from South Africa and America. Continental Reinsurance has earned the trust of its clients as well as the market.

“It is benchmarked against the highest international standards and has achieved the “AM Best” rating for 13 years. The reinsurer has an AM Best Financial Security Rating of B+, and a Long-Term Issuer Credit rating of BBB-, which is a couple of notches above the Sovereign rating of Nigeria. Continental Reinsurance credits its success to the calibre of its people, who bring unmatched experience and strength to the team.

“Together, they have built a formidable entity with a diverse portfolio and far-reaching ambitions. It has six offices and several specialist subsidiaries located across the continent,” it submitted.

It maintained that the portfolio spans more than 50 countries and features a mix of relevant product focus areas, including large Commercial, Industrial, Engineering, Energy and other property installations, infrastructure development, and Agriculture, to support Africa’s food security.

The company leads by example on ESG issues and strives to deliver sustainable value to shareholders and stakeholders alike, it posited.

The judging panel announced Continental Reinsurance Plc as the 2022 award winner for Most Innovative Reinsurer (Africa).

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