Sanlam General Insurance settles another motor claim in 40 mins

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Sanlam General Insurance Limited has continued to amaze its motor insurance policyholders as the claim of Okporho Edward Tejiri from Delta State was settled in 40 minutes via Code of Confidence *1056#, USSD enabled device.

Sharing his amazement, Tejiri said: “The swiftness from dialing the code and the instant response I got, then to the call from your guys inspecting the vehicle, negotiating and the payment for the claim was splendid and amazing, everything put together didn’t take 39 minutes, infact, while all of this was ongoing, I was wondering if I’m still in Nigeria. Sanlam Insurance is definitely the best anytime any day.”

Managing Director Sanlam General Insurance Limited, Bode Opadokun, said: “We have successfully settled the second claim using the code of confidence in exactly 40 minutes.”

He submitted that this positive transformation has come to stay, adding that Sanlam has raised the bar and it can’t go back to the old days of endless waiting for claims to be settled.

Opadokun noted that depending on extent of the damage, if it is less than N200,000, the claim can be settled within three hours.

Opadokun noted that with the USSD Code *1056#, motor insurance policyholders can initiate a claim and received payments within three hours.

He said the Code of Confidence is used to initiate a motor insurance claim notification on real time online basis. It allows the insurer to have immediate assessment of the scene of an accident and the extent of damage.

On how it works, he said policyholders should:

* Dial the USSD Code *1056# on your mobile phone.

* Enter your vehicle number plate with space in between the number, for example, JJJ 123 GE.

* You will receive an SMS with a link.

* Click on the link and follow the prompt.

He submitted that the Code allows customers access speedy resolution of insurance claims in cases of road emergencies, adding that the cutting-edge solution is the first of its kind in Nigeria and it is a way of providing a seamless and customer-centric solutions to a number of challenges customers encounter while seeking report claims in case of any eventuality.

With this new feature, he noted that the firm aims to enhance the claims experience for its valued customers by eliminating needless paperwork and unnecessary delays.

“Customers can use the simple and user-friendly *1056# USSD code on their mobile phones to initiate instant third-party claims. The process is quick and hassle-free, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance and support during unexpected events and accidents involving third parties.

“With this technology, you can see that gone are the days of unnecessary delays of claims, as the code runs on any mobile phones.

“You’re just a dial away, get insurance claims settlement for third-party damage by dialing *1056# today,” he submitted.

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