Why insurance is better than begging

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Begging for financial assistance is an act people with dignity do not like to practice, but when challenges beyond their capacity arise they are forced to beg.

People engage in economic activities so as to cater for their needs and handle issues within their ability. But nature can throw up issues which inflow from the economic activities can’t handle and this is when a more reliable second hand – insurance becomes necessary.

As life challenges are enormous and can come unannounced, they should be planned for through insurance which is the best means to mitigate risks.

With proper insurance in place, most life challenges can be managed without resorting to seeking assistance from other people.

It is common now to see people asking for assistance on healthcare, education; wedding; burial; lost of assets and more. The irony is that all these can be handled through insurance.

Benefits of insurance

* Esteemed self dignity

With insurance your respect and dignity are esteemed as you don’t need to expose yourself to people because of assistance.

* Peace of mind

Insurance provides peace of mind as you know that there is a ready source of fund to handle arising risks.

* Social benefits

Insurance remains one of the only sure way the less privileged benefit from the wealth of the rich owing to the fund pooling structure.

*Small premium big coverage

With insurance you earn more with little contribution. Imagine getting N3 million benefits from pantry N15,000 premium.

* Cash back

Some unique insurance products offer policyholders an opportunity for cash back if they didn’t make a claim in a financial year.
Takaful Insurance companies, share surplus with policyholders who didn’t make claims.

Don’t belittle your worth by becoming a beggar, turn what would have led you into begging to Insurance operators to handle by paying a token for the big risk around you.

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