Still on Buhari’s visit to Ogun State and the project 40


For quite a while, Ogun State has come under a substantial wind of festivity in view of the 40th anniversary of the state’s creation, in 1976 alongside some others like Imo, Borno, Ondo, Bauchi,Oyo, Plateau, etc.

The government of the day under Senator IbikunleAmosun saw to it that the President, MuhamaduBuhari came around to commission 40 symbolic projects to coincide with the birthday figure! Perhaps this is the first time Mr. President will pass a night in any of the states, nay in the south west, since he became President which is applaudable.
Though I do not know where the President passed the night, for security reasons, I had always haboured the thought that it will be difficult for any President to pass the night in Abeokuta, especially at the Ibara Presidential lodge, given the fact that the villa is being directly overseen by the palatial building of ex-President OlusegunObasanjo, the famed EboraOwu, which could not have been allowed in some climes,for security reasons.

But If President Buhari actually slept in the Presidential lodge, then the bottom has been knocked off my supposition that no President would sleep in that villa for security reasons. But come to think of it, Governor Amosun really proved critics wrong that Mr. President may not come to Ogun for the much awaited festivities, afterall. With the President’s presence he has proved the truth in the fact that he (Amosun) occupied a special space in the heart of Mr. President. Curious political observers like me still remember that Governor Amosun used to share the same party (The All Nigerians Peoples Party ) with President Buhari at a time.

Also, rumour had it that the Governor would have pitched his tent with Buhari’s CPC as a safe nest, when it appeared the centre could not hold in the then Action Congress Party, under which he picked the gubernatorial ticket in 2011 elections. But whatever it is, the fact is that Buhari’s presence has shown that Amosun is a beloved in whom Mr. President is well pleased!.
Come what may, please permit me to spare a little thought to appreciate Governor Amosun for giving the people of Ogun something to celebrate.

I know critics may not like this, but the physical infrastructure on ground in Ogun State today could not be wished away, even by a blind man. Bridges and roads have meandered through spaces that one never thought would be developed for a long time to come. At least we have had Governors in the past who presided over crooked roads, dotted with cavernous pot holes, yet prided themselves as performers and numerounos.

Today, it appears incontrovertible that Ogun state has been opened for generous present and future infrastructural development. I do know that governance is a continuum, giving room for whoever comes after now to build upon. Don’t get me wrong, I may have personal perception issues about the government and the dramatis personae, but as an analyst, the truth is that Governor Amosun deserves a pat on the back for his doggedness and tenacity of purpose in this respect.

My prayer is that the Governor and his team will not rest on their oars, having impressed everyone, including Mr. President with the great feats. The largest room in life is the room of improvement! Let the Governor continue to utilize the same viguour with which he ensured completion of some of the physical projects for commissioning even after this period in combating challenges facing the state.

The government should also spare ample time for development of human resources which is the oil that catalyzes sustainable physical infrastructural growth and development If they do that, I can assure that the remaining years of this regime would have been sufficient to make Ogun state the first amongst its peers nation-wide.

For now I congratulate the entire good people of the Ogun State, as I thumb up for Mr. Governor for a job well done, not minding the cost in finances and material input!

Tope Adaramola

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