CIIN courts professionals in diaspora with chapters in UK, US, Canada


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Chuks Udo Okonta

Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) is working assiduously to harness knowledge and other contributions from insurance professionals in diaspora who are in possession of its certificate by creating chapters in United Kingdom; United States and Canada.

The President of CIIN, Edwin Igbiti, told Inspenonline that the institute’s secretariat is presently reaching out to members in the aforementioned countries as part of measures to establishing the chapters.

He submitted that the chapters would operate like the ones in Nigeria, which provide avenue for professionals to association and make contributions to the institute.

He noted that the UK chapter would coordinate affairs within Europe, while US and Canada would oversee affairs in the Americas.

Igbiti stressed that recent developments in the world generally and in Nigeria particularly, demands strong partnership to move the profession and the industry forward and this can only be successfully executed collectively.

“The Institute has many programmes in place aimed at creating insurance awareness and training members to be world class insurance professionals, but I cannot achieve the success on my own. Hence, I want to seize this opportunity to appeal for targeted collaboration to help drive the Institute to lofty heights,” he submitted.

He maintained that the Institute is charting a course aimed at ensuring it remains ahead of the curve in the digital era to remain a key contributor to the growth of the insurance industry.

“It is vital to remind you that the theme of my Presidency remains “Building a Sustainable Legacy”, borne out of the need for continuity to sustain and build on the works of Past Presidents of the Institute as well as guarantee that despite current global uncertainties, the Institute will continue to meet the needs and aspirations of its members,” he posited.

The CIIN presently has chapters in Abuja; Anambra; Cross River; Delta; Edo; Enugu; Imo and Kaduna.

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