Ecobank launches “Move on Up” consumer campaign


The Ecobank Group has launched a new fully integrated consumer advertising campaign – Move on Up – centered on the bank’s drive to ensure that consumers have world-class accessible and convenient digital banking solutions across Africa.

The bank unveiled the campaign at its head office in Lomé, Togo to shareholders, Ecobank staff and pan-African media. The launch took place on the sidelines of the Ecobank Group’s 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Formally launching the campaign, Ecobank Group CEO Ade Ayeyemi said, “Our sons and daughters are banking online and on their mobiles. For them it’s not about ‘Where you go, but what you Do. Customers throughout Africa are upwardly mobile – and have many more opportunities to move ahead in life.”

Patrick Akinwuntan, Ecobank Group Executive Consumer Banking, said, “There are three supporting pillars which are central to this campaign. The first is convenience. Our customers want the convenience of banking, from being able to pay with an Ecobank card to making financial transactions on their mobile phones, over the internet, at automated teller machines and at different points of sale.

“The second pillar is relevance, because Ecobank creates personal banking solutions that are relevant to its customers, such as a range of accounts packaged together as bundles.

“The final pillar is choice. This comes via the accessibility of our wide-ranging products and services, thanks to our leading cross-continent platform.”

Ama Okyere, Ecobank Group Head, Marketing, told the audience, “Advertising remains a powerful means of introducing Ecobank and its products and services to our millions of existing and prospective customers, all at once.”

Move On Up was produced by Ecobank’s full service agency, Brand Communications Group. As well as the 60-second television commercial, there is also a two-minute version for cinema, four 15-second commercials for television and radio, and print versions. Move on Up will be rolled out across all of the African countries where Ecobank has a retail presence.

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