Insurers move to implement resolutions from mega confab



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Chuks Udo Okonta

The Director Generals and Executive Secretaries of the various arms of the insurance industry have been mandated to ensure full implementation of resolutions reached at the Insurance Mega Conference, Inspen can report.

It was gathered that the directors and secretaries were constituted into a committee with the charge to ensure that the resolutions in the communique’ are fully implemented before the next conference which is to be anchored by the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA).

Director-General Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) Kola Ahmed, said the implementation committee is meeting and working on the communique’ to ensure that all the issues raised are implemented before the next conference.

“Usually, at the end of every conference or seminar, there is always a communique’, which is a summary of the major resolutions of the event. The communique was issued, and the chief executives of all the arms of the industry, have been constituted into a committee to ensure the implementation of the issues raised in the communique’,” he said.

While commenting on the gains of the conference, he said the event is already impacting the industry, stressing that all the arms have been charged to incorporate the issues raised in their operations.

“The biggest gain is the realization of the various arms of the industry that is better for us to come together as one. Unlike in the past when we organised conferences and we had 200 delegates, the maga conference, we had close to 500 delegates. Going forward, all arms of the industry had agreed in unionism that we need to make it bigger. For the coming one, I would not expect anything less than what we achieved at the last one.

“At the conference we were able to bring together all stakeholders which jobs have to do with insurance – like the Fire Service, Town Planners, Federal Road Service Corps and Police. We were able to bring them together because we need them in the enforcement of compulsory insurance laws. We need all the Goverment’s security agencies to enforce the laws and they gave us their words, promising us that henceforth, that they are ready and willing to partner the industry and ensure that all compulsory insurance are enforced,” he said.

He noted that the planning of the event would revolve round the various arms of the industry, while the next edition is going to be anchored by the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA).

“The chairman of the 2016 mega conference is to come from NIA, and they have accepted. During our visit to the association, they promised that they are looking forward to delivering a much bigger conference comes 2016,” he added

He applauded the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) for showing leadership and support for the conference, stressing that the commission has taken the game to the next level by engaging relevant government agencies on the need to support insurance practice.

“Not stopping at that NAICOM has also continued in its engagements with the relevant government agencies. NAICOM had met with the head of Customs, and the issue of collaboration and cooperation was discussed. These were things discussed at the conference which they have continued to ensure that all the discussions are brought to fruition and not left on paper, but ensure that they have bearings on our operations. And that we are all better for it when they are implemented,” he said.

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