Stakeholders decry collapse of insurers corporate affairs managers’ committee

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Concerned insurance practitioners have expressed worry over seemly collapse of the Corporate Affairs Managers Committee of Nigerian Insurers Association (CAMCONIA), a unit formed to coordinate communications in the insurance industry.

CAMCONIA was made up of Corporate Communications Managers in the insurance industry.

Lamenting the present state of the Committee, observers told Inspenonline that the collapse of the body potent danger for the industry which is in need of coordinated public awareness and education.

According to one of the observers, he became worried when the Committee report was excluded in the 2022 annual report and account of the NIA, adding that the collapse of the committee points to the fact that there are a lot of work to be done in put the insurance industry where it should be.

Another observer said the case of CAMCONIA is a reflection of how insurance companies consider the role of corporate communications managers, adding that most corporate communications managers have been turned to marketers, a development which is responsible for poor visibility of most firms.

The observers sent an appear to the Commissioner for Insurance Sunday Thomas, who was a former Director General of the NIA to step in and see that the committee is urgently revived, as most of the good thinking of the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) which are to be implemented by insurers, can only be communicated to the public through strong corporate communications structure.

They implored the leadership of NIA to look into the possible causes of the collapse, tackle them and strengthen the committee to thrive.

Findings from past leaders of the Committee revealed that insurance companies contributed greatly to the collapse, as many of them, having turned their corporate communications managers to marketer and issued them huge financial targets, bar them from attending meetings of the Committee.

The leaders also raised the issue of funding, stating that low membership and poor attitude to meetings affect the financial structure of the committee.

According to them the entire industry should arise to revive the Committee, especially now that the industry needs coordinated communications strategy to attain lofty height.

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