An eye witness report on Hajj stampede

Scheme at the stampede

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Chuks Udo Okonta

This report was written on the Facebook page of a Nigerian currently attending the Hajj in Saudi where about 717 muslim faithfuls were killed yesterday in a stampede.

A few steps to d gate, noticed the Saudi police trying to close d gate. Doubled my steps and walked my way through the mass of people trying to do same. At d gate I shouted at one of the four policemen to shut up cos I couldn’t not get what he was saying. He gave me a stern look and I returned same to him.

Few seconds later d police succeeded in closing d gate directing pilgrims to move straight down d road rather than take d short cut. But d pilgrims didn’t want to hear of it instead resorted to climbing over d gate. I smiled. A re enactment of what happened at d Nigeria NASS.These were not young persons. Trust Nigerians were involved. I smelled danger and thus moved on. D policemen were helpless cos dey are civil. No bartons or horse whips to whip d peopl back on track.

They could only watch and warn of d dangers inherent in what d pilgrims were doing. Few minutes later, it happened. Scores dead and several injured. May Allah accept d souls of dead and grant them favour, Amin.

However, could d disaster have been avoided? It’s a resounding YES. Why was it not avoided? Simply INDISCIPLINE and lack of respect for rules, instructions and directives from constituted authorities.


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