Address by Faith Ughwode, Chief Executive, Almond Productions Limited, during the official opening of the 2015 Insurance Consumers’ Forum

Faith Ughwode

Address by Faith Ughwode, Chief Executive, Almond Productions Limited, during the official opening of the 2015 Insurance Consumers’ Forum on Wednesday October 28, 2015 at the Lagoon Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos.


A warm welcome to the third edition of the Insurance Consumers’ Forum. Jimmy Dean, in his popular quote stated: “I CAN’T CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE WIND, BUT I CAN ADJUST MY SAILS TO ALWAYS REACH MY DESTINATION”. Permit me to adopt Jimmy Dean’s quote but to slightly alter it by saying that ALL OF YOU PRESENT HERE TODAY, AND A COUNTLESS OTHERS OUT THERE, HAVE ASSISTED IN ADJUSTING THE SAILS OF THE ALMOND PRODUCTIONS SHIP , making it possible for us to come this far and also aspire for the horizons beyond.

Our strength over the years has been fueled by our passion for the Insurance industry, including the indispensable insurance consumers and the organized champions of Consumer Rights Advocacy and the support of stakeholders.

No doubt, with the actualization of this third edition, the Insurance Consumers’ Forum now stands on a tripod with a firmer commitment to pursue its original objectives which is hinged on the promotion of a Customer Centric Insurance Industry. This objective has informed our theme for this year’s forum: Customers Relationship and Management in the Insurance Industry. Insurance being an intangible product, operators must see and treat their customers not just as kings but “Super Kings”

I am elated by the increasing relevance of the Insurance industry in the scheme of things and to note that the Media, comprising Almond Productions Limited and our colleagues in the noble profession have been contributing relentlessly to the much desired insurance awareness campaign which is helping to make the difference today. Even though we don’t make money. Let me assure you that Almond Productions will continue to expand the frontiers of responsible and responsive journalism in ensuring that our efforts continue to count in a most significant manner.

I cannot thank you enough for your contributions to the growth of Almond from a humble beginning to the level we have reached today with our formidable presence as anchor of the most authoritative TV and Radio shows. You have spurred our creative productions and encouraged us to improve on our programming thereby guaranteeing a viewership and listenership that has become our hallmark today.

Let me respectfully urge you to stay with us on our regular programmes on the Silverbird TV Dream Network on Sunday’s at 11pm with a repeat broadcast on Wednesdays at 2:30pm as well as WETIN INSURANCE DEY DO SEF on Naija FM 102.7 on Wednesdays at 9:45am.

We are honoured today to have in our midst, some of the most respected personalities from within and outside the Insurance industry. In particular, let me appreciate Sir M. O Oyegunle for agreeing to chair this Forum and Mr Adeyemo Adejumo, past president of CIIN also for honouring our invitation as a Guest of Honour. I also wish to acknowledge Mrs Ekaete Augustine-Edet who graciously accepted to be our Special Guest Speaker. We sincerely appreciate our respected corporate and individual Discussants all of whom have joined us in making today a reality.

If there is one thing we always crave for, it is the privilege of having a balanced audience each year and this one is no exception. Let me therefore welcome all the Insurance Consumers here present. The same goes for the Organisations here present, who are championing Consumer Rights Advocacy. We sincerely appreciate your contributions.

Also join me in acknowledging and appreciating our sponsors and partners some of whom came through for us when all hope was lost, their contributions to the actualization of this year’s Forum can’t be overemphasized. AIICO, NEM.

Once again, I welcome you all to the 2015 Insurance Consumer s’ Forum.

Thank you for making our day.



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