Lagos set to review pension payment family of deceased staff


The Lagos State Government is currently reviewing payment of an additional 20 percent of accruable rights to the family of a deceased staff apart from the basic entitlements under the State Pension Law 2007.

According to a statement issued by the State Ministry of Finance, the proposal is part of effort by the present administration to provide succour and ameliorate the effect in case of death of a staff while in active service on family members and relatives.

It stated further that the State Government has extended the Accident Insurance policy for all her employees to cover accidental acts during the active service years of the concerned staff regardless of the period of occurrence including weekends, unlike in the past where the policy was only accessible to staff who were injured during working days and hours.

The statement emphasised that the State Government will continue to play the lead role in prioritizing the welfare of all those in its employ while in active service and will make provision for commensurate financial welfare and succour for them in case of unexpected incident while on duty.
The Lagos State Pension Reform Law 2007 stipulates that the life insurance policy will be made mandatory for employees through the appropriate insurance company to pay money that is up to three years basic emoluments of the concerned staff, comprising Basic Salary, Housing Allowance and Transport Allowance as benefits for the relative in case of an employee’s death while in service.

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