Workers sins that lead to retirement hell

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Life is about sowing and reaping and when it comes to retirement, no body can reap what he or she did not sow during his or her working days.

Many working class individuals don’t understand that there are sins being committed on a daily basis that would send them to retirement fire.

Retirement hell depicts struggles encountered during retirement and they include; poverty; abandonment; sickness; shame; begging; mockery; depression; suicide amongst others.

This article would identify these sins to enable the public refrain from them so as to enjoy better life in retirement.

The sins are:

*No retirement plan

Not having a structured retirement plan is great sin that leads to retirement hell. As a worker, to avoid entering into retirement hell fire, ensure you put up a plan today if you have none and implement it keenly.


The sin of procrastination has sent many workers to retirement hell, as they failed to take advantage of several opportunities presented to them while they were active in their working years.
The solution to sin of procrastination is to take action now. Don’t wait for the next second, just make that call now and kickstart that pressing and laudable Initiative.

*Don’t square up with the Joneses

Don’t match or compete with others, especially in terms of material possessions or social status. Avoid the desire to keep up appearances and fit in with societal expectations. This would lead you to retirement hell if not checked.

To escape retirement hell, you should avoid trying to square up with the Joneses, buying the latest designer clothes and luxury cars, host elaborate parties like your friends do.

*Unethical practices

Unethical practices such as fraud and unprofessional conducts have sent many workers to retirement hell fire.
Engaging in such vices have led to lost of both legal and illegal wealth acquired by such people leaving them with nothing having been stripped of all their illicit wealth.

*Unhealthy lifestyle

Many workers spend heavily on health challenges during retirement due to how they used their lives while working.
Inordinate lifestyles such as smoking, drinking uncontrolled sexual appetite, accumulate toxic in the body system that manifest at the time of retirement.


The sins of not seeing others needs, hence depriving them of their rights at work place, has also put many people at the hottest part of retirement hell.
While these people rule, they trample on others, insult them, deny them promotions and even sack many. While they do these, they don’t think that they would one day leave the position they occupy.
These wicked souls live their lives in retirement hell fire, while awaiting the hell fire prepared by God.

*Blame game

One common sin among workers is blame game. Workers committing this sin blame everything except themselves for their inability to act. They blame their employers; spouse; children; family; government and more for their inactions.
To escape retirement hell fire, take actions when others are acting and avoid fundamental attribution errors.

*Single financial plan

Having a single financial plan, would also lead to retirement hell fire. With the tough economic maladies across the globe, it has become necessary for a wise worker to deploy his or her income in many legal investments to avoid retirement hell fire.
The era of depending solely on pension contributions by employers is gone. Every wise worker should engage in personal investments.


The sins of doubt has sent many workers, especially those in the informal sector to retirement hell.
These doubters would never believe in anything except magic. They can never invest in shares, insurance, real estate and other legit portfolios, but only invest in fund doubling windows like betting and ponzi schemes.

Now that you are aware of these sins, avoid them to escape retirement hell and enjoy luxury and flourishing lifestyle in retirement.

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