Emmanuel Eleoramo: Ruing exit of an insurance scholar, valuable icon


Tope Adaramola

The empyrean of the Nigerian Insurance industry has again been depleted by one bright star, with the demise of Emmanuel Olutosin Eleoramo, who during his lifetime was an irrepressible figure in the industry and board rooms.

A highly seasoned and cerebral practitioner of rare gene, Eleoramo is unarguably one of the brightest insurance scholars the industry has produced, having obtained a First Class in the pioneer set of the Insurance Department of the University of Lagos in 1978. Rarely has such sterling feat been commonly accomplished in the institution and any other in the country.

The Ikole Ekiti born Eleoramo’s brilliance, thoroughness and impeccable mien made good pathways for him in the industry and its professional umbrella institution-The Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN).

Obtaining his charter qualifications from the Chartered Insurance Institute of London was expectedly an easy ride for the deep skull, even when many of his ilk saw the professional height as their career’s Achilles heel.

A Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN), Eleoramo’s desire to give back to the profession by way of service and mentoring climaxed with his election as the President of the Institute (CIIN) in 2002. In the body of Past Presidents and Council of the Institute, Eleoramo was highly revered for his wit and dexterity in handling knotty issues that had potentials of stultifying the growth of the body and the profession generally.

Believing that the best legacy is to raise men after one’s mould, Eleoramo mentored and imparted on several younger stars who later occupied and are still occupying commanding heights in the industry today.

His work life was robust and impactful. Starting out as a Marketing Officer with the defunct Crusader Insurance Co. Ltd in 1981, Eleormao also worked as Head Office Marketing Manager with Nigerian Life & Provident Co. Ltd from 1985 to 1988. His superlative work feats at the middle level management served as unimpeachable levers for his quick ascension into the topmost positions of several Insurance companies, namely; Nigerian French Insurance Co. Ltd; Whispering Hope Insurance Co. Ltd and later Nigerian Life & Provident Co. Ltd where he held sway as MD/CEO between 2000 and 2018, translating in 18 solid years-one of the highest to be accomplished by few executives on such turbulent seats. At retirement, he became Chairman of Platinum Anchorage and Infinite Wood Works Ltd.

A quintessential teacher and Board Room strategist, Eleoramo served on the Boards of frontline companies like Hogg Robinson Nigeria Ltd; Sterling Assurance Nigeria Ltd, NLPC Pensions Fund Administrators; Golden Securities and Infinite Woods Ltd.

There is definitely no way history of pension business would be written in Nigeria without a conspicuous chapter devoted to this iconic personage as he equally helped to strengthen the pension schemes of high net worth companies such as Coca-Cola Nigeria; Mobile Producing and Etex Group.

Additionally, he conducted several impactful training on Life and Pensions in South Africa, Ghana, United Kingdom and locally.

Though Eleoramo has bowed out of this mortal world at the age of 75, many who knew and consorted with him have continued to rue the loss of the industry in his painful exit, confirming that Chinese ageless adage that ‘’when a resourceful old man dies, a library is burnt!’’. Adieu to a great mind, and may your gentle soul find repose in the bosom of your maker.

Tope Adaramola is Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB)

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