Greg Wolf: Make gun owners buy more insurance

Every firearm should be insured. Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies should all have provisions for gun ownership. Rates should depend on the types of guns, types of ammunition, method of storage, and other information relating to the dwelling and its occupants. Insurance companies should all offer personal liability policies for those individuals who have a license to carry.

If a firearm is to be transported in an automobile, other than to or from a gun shop, hunting area or target shooting area, the gun owner should be required to have personal liability coverage for that gun. Possession of an uninsured firearm should be a felony resulting in mandatory jail time and forfeiture of all firearms owned by that individual.

Also, if a firearm is in the possession of a driver or an occupant of a privately owned motor vehicle or conveyance of any type (boat, airplane, bicycle, etc.), all occupants should made aware and there should be a presumption of knowledge on the part of all occupants.

Greg Wolf

Little Compton

Providence Journal

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