How social media is helping policyholders get unpaid claims

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Aggrieved insurance policyholders seem to be getting succour from the social media on unpaid claims by erring insurance companies.

The social media which has given voice to people hitherto considered voiceless, provides a platform for aggrieved policyholders to call out insurance firms evading claims payment.

As no reasonable organisation wants to be dragged for the wrong reasons, claims defaulting insurance companies, are quick to save their little reputations, whenever they are called out by their policyholders.

Joe Ibu, an Abuja based suppermarkets owner, told Inspenonline how he used the social to forced an insurance company to settle his claims.

According to him, one of his suppermarkets, was burgled and the incidence was reported to the insurance firm, which came and took stock of the damage and told him what would be paid as claims.

He noted that having signed the discharged voucher, he began to wait, as days turned to weeks; weeks to months.
Worried about the impact of the unpaid claims, on his business, he went on several social media platforms to dragged the firm and to his amazement, the company, immediately paid the claim.

Peter Ola, had for a period of three years paid his premium on a takaful insurance product. At maturity, he met the insurance company and submitted all required documents in an anticipation for his claims.

Before the maturity of the policy, Peter approached a friend to lend him money in like sum of his expected claims, hoping the claims would be used to repay.

His hope was cut short, as the underwriter began to pacify him to wait. According to him, one week turned to three months and no claims insight.

Peter said he was shock to see a report on the social media, announcing the erring firm as an award winner in claims settlement.

The report provoked him, forcing him to write uncomplimentary remarks on the firm. His expressions on social media, caught the attention of a stakeholder who reported the matter and the claims was paid.

Mary Osazuwa, was also in a state of waiting for his claims and was about to report the matter to his lawyer, when she saw a report on the insurance firm on the social media. She quickly went to the comment section to vent her anger, which caught the attention of the firm and she was contacted and the claims paid.

Insurance actually remains one of the best means to manage risks and reputable insurance company are daily giving hopes to the hopeless, by restoring them to the state they were before suffering a risk and also helping the public build funds for present and future needs.

Have you been injured by failure of an insurance company to pay claims? Don’t refrain from insurance, keeping insuring your risks and leverage the power of the social media and other claims resolution channels to pursue payment of that genuine claims.

The social media has also helped reputable insurance firms harvest tremendous benefits as happy policyholders aid in promoting their goodwill, having been impacted positively by their underwriting.

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