Insurance givers never lack

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Do you know that insurance givers are those who contribute the money – premium used to cater for the needs of those that suffered risks?

Those who pay insurance premium are not only securing themselves from risks, but helping humanity, hence they can’t lack as their premium provides them cover and also attract God’s blessings as they help others solve their problems.

Having acquired this knowledge, you should desist from complaining of paying premium regularly without benefits as you didn’t not make a claim.

The blessings from helping those you know and don’t know through your premium far exceeds the claims you make.

Insurance is practice by selfless people for they cater for their risks and their neighbours. This can be seen in insurance products such as, motor insurance third party, comprehensive insurance, group life, health insurance amongst others. These products extend care beyond the policyholder to those around him or her.

Buying insurance should be considered as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vehicle that would enable you reach out to mass population, which you could have never meet to assist.

One unique concept of insurance is that it provides an opportunity for the less privileged to benefit from the wealth of the privileged. This is achieved through the principle of small premium big coverage.

For those of us who believe what the holy book says, we should give so that it will be giving to us. Insurance remains one of the best ways to give and when you give insurance, you will never lack.

Taking giving of insurance to the next level, Insurfeel Initiative has been birthed.

Insurfeel Initiative

Insurfeel an initiative developed by the Publisher of Inspenonline, Chuks Udo Okonta, was designed in line with – ‘The Suya Seller Strategy’ – which entails tasting before buying. It stemmed from a research conducted which showed that people who have had positive experience on how insurance works seem to believe and easily embraced the system. This research therefore, necessitates the need to extend insurance experience to more people so as to deepen insurance penetration, provide safety and enhance insurance industry’s profitability.

Insurfeel is targeted towards specific individuals, such as; Students in secondary schools, teachers and people with distinct impact on lives and the society. They would be selected due to their outstanding performance and contributions to human growth.

The initiative is opened to people committed to philanthropy. It is my belief that insurance remains one of the best instruments to fight poverty and make the society a comfortable place for Mankind.

From left: Head Retail Universal Insurance Plc, Tony Okafor; winner of Insurfeel Initiative free insurance, Adefunke Kuyoro Deputy President Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers Mrs Ekeoma Ezeibe and Promoter of Insurfeel and President Insurance and Pension Editors of Nigeria Chuks Udo Okonta at the event

Through Insurfeel, organisation can by means of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) donate insurance policies as souvenir and gifts to deserving members of the public.

Groups such as Non Governmental organisations (NGO) committed to improved wellbeing of the citizenry should leverage Insurfeel to assist the need mitigate their risks.

From right: Head Retail, Universal Insurance Plc, Tony Okafor presenting the award to Omoye Danjuma at the event.

Insurance companies should leverage Insurfeel to donate their products as against the present trend where products from other sectors are donated to the public.

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