Insurance Going Digital In The UK


Aviva, a tech leader among UK insurers, has created digital development centers in London, and more recently in Singapore as part of its digital strategy.

Aviva first established a Digital Garage in London in mid 2015 to develop and explore turning innovative ideas into real financial products and services for customers. The Financial Times recently reported on it.

The company said the two Digital Garages, in London and Singapore, will come together as a global function, sharing expertise and insights into digital insurance to create a platform from which to serve customers, both in their local regions and across the international markets.

Aviva has developed Aviva Drive, similar to Progressive’s. But unlike Snapshot, the Aviva app runs on a smartphone, including Android, iPhone and Windows phones. It uses the smartphones’ GPS at per second intervals to capture distance driven, acceleration and braking. Users get feedback as they use the device to see how they are doing on the way to a potential annual savings of £150.

Drivers can share the information with friends and family and compete with them, making it like a game to see who can get the best scores.

Aviva uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to run the program. Azure offered scalability and the promise of reduced implementation costs and complexity.

“With Microsoft Azure, we can test and scale as needed,” says Steve Whitby, the company’s Solutions Delivery Center Director. “Our app is very much a product of its time, and we can build on capabilities that were unavailable in the past. As a result, we can offer our customers cutting-edge solutions like never before.”

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Aviva has also used technology to make it easier, faster and cheaper to settle no-fault auto accidents through a portal it developed with another carrier, Ageas.

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