Insurance operators to be sanctioned by CIIN over exam infraction


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Chuks Udo Okonta

The hammer of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) will soon drop on insurance operators who have been found culpable of examination misconducts, Inspen can authoritatively report.

It was gathered that the Governing Council of the Institute having examined the report presented by the investigative committee, has authorised that the case be referred to the disciplinary committee which is charged with the responsibility of issuing the required penalties.
The Director-General of the Institute Kola Ahmed, said a case has just been completed by the investigative committee and the council has authorized that case be referred to the disciplinary committee, adding that the case has to do with examination infraction.

He noted that the institute is committed to propagation of ethical practices, stressing that errant professionals who are members of the institute can only be sanctioned if they are reported and found culpable.

“Recently, a case has been referred to the disciplinary committee of the institute. The committee has always been complying that no case, has been reported to them. A case has just been completed by the investigative committee and the council has authorized that the case should be referred to the disciplinary committee. The case has to do with examination infraction.

“As an institute, we cannot go and start picking members without getting reports or petitions; we can only act on reports. If somebody is reported to have committed any unprofessional conduct, it is from there that the institute will take it up, but without getting any report or complaint from any quarter, there is nothing the institute can work on, so we only want to encourage our members that they should not keep misdeeds under the carpet, if anybody is not behaving professionally or not projecting the institute in the right manner, such a person should be reported. And the institute would have basis for sanctioning such errant member,” he said.

He maintained that the issue of ethics is now on the front burner, stressing that at the last professional forum organised by the institute, a large portion of the time was devoted to discussing ethics and professionalism and that the institute has decided to preach ethics at any of its programmes.

“One of the fall out of our recently organized event, is that at any of our fora, seminars or workshops, ethics should play a prominent role, we should always sing and drum to the hearing of our members the need for them to ensure that they comply with all the necessary guidelines and ethical conducts.

“The last seminar we had in Port Harcourt, in the fliers and seminar programme there was a portion devoted to issue of ethics, we highlighted the need for members to observe professional ethics and conducts and drew their attention to penalties of not complying with ethics as laid down in the code of ethics of the industry.

“These are things we are doing to ensure that we let our members know the importance of complying with professional ethics in their conducts and the effects of not doing so. We have continued to draw the attention of our members to certain aspects of the code of conduct which specifies penalties for infractions,” he added.

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