Insurance products clerics should encourage followers to have

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Leading an insurance believing congregation would engender peace; prosperity and rest of mind for clerics. Therefore, they should aside preaching the gospel, educate and empower their members with knowledge on insurance.

It is good to note that some religious organisations do have insurance for their personnel and assets, but the clerics at the units closed to the worshippers don’t often educate their members on how insurance can help them grow funds and mitigate risks.

What most of these clerics don’t understand is that an association is as rich as its members. Financially balanced members, would amount to a financially balanced organisation. Hence, having insurance believers, whose risks are properly managed would do any cleric a lot of good.

Insurance policies clerics should promote among members

Compulsory policies

One of the esteemed laws in the holy books, is that citizens should obey constituted authorities – government.

The government in its wisdom has made some insurance compulsory for the citizenry, this is to help manage risks in the society.

Clerics as spiritual leaders should encourage their members to obey constituted laws, of which compulsory Insurance belong.

Types of compulsory insurances.

*Group Life Insurance for Employees

*Health Insurance

*Insurance of Public Buildings

*Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.

*Motor Third-Party Insurance

*Marine Insurance

*Aviation Insurance

Besides the compulsory insurances, other necessary insurance products believers should have are.

*Life insurance

*Personal accident insurance

*Children education insurance

*Takaful insurance

*Term life insurance

*Deferred annuity

*Endowment policy

*Money-back policy

*Critical illness insurance

*Professional indemnity

The aforementioned policies would help members grow the wealth, manage their risks, thereby reducing financial pressure on the organisation and increasing financial inflow from the members to the organisation.

Clerics should while propagating the gospel, also raise financially savvy members, through insurance mechanism.

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