Insure what is keeping you out of poverty

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Poverty is something people pray against and never wish to experience. To live above poverty line, there must be factors that are helping you generate the fund needed to meet your needs.

While we acknowledge these factors that are keeping us out of poverty, it is also necessary we secure them against associated risks, through insurance.

Having insurance for these factors keeping us out poverty, would help us to sustain our lives in prosperity.

Factors keeping us out of poverty that should be insured


Having a healthy life, enables us keep our daily chores and activities generating the funds required to stay afloat in life.
Our life needs adequate insurance protection.

To effectively protect our lives, we need insurance products such as: Uni-personal accident cover. This provides protection against accident, personal liability, permanent disability and death.

– Health insurance. This helps in handing medical bills accruing from ill-health.

– Critical ill-health cover. This helps in the treatment of terminal sickness like cancer.


Our businesses and jobs provide us the money that keeps us out of poverty. Loosing an uninsured business or job to a mishap could drag an individual into poverty.

That business or job that provides the needed income to stay above poverty should be secured with insurance.


Vehicles that help us generate income and aid our movements in the pursuit of our endeavours should be insured so that we wouldn’t loss them to risks.


Assets that generate income that keeps us above poverty should be protected and secured with insurance to avoid loss that may lead to poverty.


The employees that help us in the running our business should be insured to mitigate setbacks that may come from their ill-health and other mishaps.


Loosing a house to mishap, without a means of recovery, can be devastating. Hence, that house that gives you joy and why you are not homeless should be insured against mishap.

While it is good to pray against poverty, it is also important to prevent it by taking adequate insurance protection for all the things that are providing the resources sustaining our prosperity.


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