Insurfeel Initiative supports young folks with school fees protection insurance plan

Insurfeel Initiative

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Determined to help the younger generation especially students mitigate their risks, Insurfeel Initiative has rolled plans to donate School Fees Protection Plan to university and secondary students across the country.

The donation which is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept is done in partnership with notable reinsurance firms.

The Promoter of Insurfeel Initiative Chuks Udo Okonta, said the organisation is presently in talks with the selected schools, adding that the policy would be donated to the students very soon.

He noted that the donation exercise is part of the organisation’s one million insurance cover give away for 2024/2025.

According to him, Insurfeel Initiative focus on students is aimed at enhancing academic excellence by creating risk free environment for students.

He noted that the cover which runs for a year, would expose the students to insurance and subsequently stimulate their interest to secure their lives and properties with insurance as they grow.

Okonta submitted that School Fees Protection Plan underwriting by Universal Insurance Plc and some insurance firm to be engaged soon, would provide payment of school fees to the named Beneficiary (or Guardian, Trustee or School in case of a minor) of the insured parent/Guardian in event of the following occurring: Permanent disability resulting from an accident and Death.

He stressed that under the cover, the students would enjoy:

Medical expenses worth, N150,000

Permanent disability benefit, N500,000

Death benefit, N500,000

On their guardian (parent), he said the students will have:

Permanent disability benefit of N700,000

Death benefit, N700,000.

Okonta implored individuals, groups, associations and organisations that are committed to corporate social responsibility to join hards with Insurfeel Initiative in donating insurance covers to the insured in the society.

He reiterated his position that donating insurance is far more cheaper than donating money to people when faced with mishap.

He noted that donation of insurance covers to the uninsured remains one of the best means to spread insurance gospel and deepen penetration.

About Insurfeel Initiative

Insurfeel is an initiative that enables the uninformed and uninsured to experience impacts of insurance by receiving insurance policies for free through donations by individuals; groups; associations; organisations and government.

* Insurfeel Initiative entails donation of insurance policies to the uninsured, uninformed and evolved from a research conducted which showed that people who have had positive experience on how insurance works seem to believe and easily embraced the system.
This research therefore, necessitates the need to extend insurance experience through donation of policies to more people so as to deepen insurance penetration, provide safety; fight poverty and enhance insurance industry’s profitability.

* Insurfeel is targeted towards specific individuals, such as; students in secondary schools, teachers and people with distinct impact on lives and the society. They are selected due to their outstanding performance and contributions to human growth.

* Insurfeel initiative is opened to people committed to philanthropy. Through Insurfeel, organisations can by means of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) donate insurance policies as souvenir and gifts to deserving members of the public.

* Insurfeel Initiative provides a platform for insurance companies to donate their products as against the present trend where products from other sectors are donated to the public.
This will grow the industry’s premium whilst helping humanity.

* Insurfeel Initiative was developed by the Publisher of Inspenonline, Chuks Udo Okonta.

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