NCRIB to institute awards, scholarships for insurance students

Rotimi Edu

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Chuks Udo Okonta

The Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) hopes to create awards and scholarships for students who have inclination toward insurance brokers as a career, its newly elected President, Barrister Rotimi Edu, has said.

He said this in Lagos, while unveiling his agenda which were captured in his acceptance speech delivered at his investiture as the 21st President of the NCRIB.

The initiative which is part of his administration’s mentoring programme, he said is aimed at stimulating the interest of the younger scholars in insurance broking right from their school days.

“It is the intention of my team to ensure that Insurance Broking does not go into extinction through deliberate mentoring of the younger generation of operators. This we would do by stimulating the interest of the younger scholars in insurance broking right from their school days. We would device strategic plans to reach out to educational institutions across the country and create awards and scholarships to those who have inclination towards Insurance Broking as a career,” he posited.

The NCRIB boss said having engaged in wide range consultations amongst members of the Council and some seasoned and well-meaning professionals, he come up with Broker Centricism as the focus of his tenure as President.

He submitted that this focus connotes that the Insurance Brokers’ welfare, progress and development, irrespective of their location and sizes would be the vortex of all decisions and actions that would be taken throughout this tenure, God helping him.

As a an embodiment of this focus, he noted that his team would also have the following thrusts; Financial Solvency: There is a common saying that no man or institution suffers financial destitution, rather they suffer from destitution of ideas. It is the intention of my team to be highly creative in stimulating ideas that would lead to financial solvency of the Council aside from the traditional subscription of members which is fast dwindling. If follows that if individual insurance brokers would be solvent, the Council must make strident efforts to ensure it complements all relevant institutions, including NAICOM for the deepening of the insurance sector. The bigger the larger pie by the industry, the bigger the portion that accrues to the insurance broking sub sector.

Professionalism: It is no longer news that the hallmark of all professions in is the continuous acquisition of knowledge and openness to new and evolving knowledge. The Insurance Broker can definitely not be an exception. This tenure would open channels of training needs for it members within and outside the country. While reinforcing ties with already existing institutions in the country and without, we would also open up relationship with new ones. Being the main professional in the insurance value chain, the Broker under my tenure would be an encyclopedia of knowledge and professionalism.

Strategic Government and Institutional Relations: It is noteworthy that the Council has recorded phenomenal feats in strategic government relations under the immediate administration. Doors in Government Houses, Palaces and renowned institutions were opened for the NCRIB. However, since the largest room in life is the room of improvement, this tenure would open new vistas of qualitative relationship with more government institutions with a view to registering the brand of the Broker in their consciousness as valuable allies.

Corporate Visibility Sustenance: As it is often said that image is everything, the current leadership team would sustain the corporate visibility initiatives of the Council. In doing this, we shall tweak strategies for identifying and reaching out to more corporate institutions outside the remit of those we have already reached out to to generate more news items for the media. We would also deploy our vast contacts with the media to enhance the Broker’s brand in the consciousness of Nigerians.

Secretariat Development: Realising the fact that the Secretariat is the engine room for effective discharge of the set mandate of this tenure, this tenure would improve the quality and content of the secretariat’s human resource. It is our intention to train, retrain and motivate our staff for them to be at per with their contemporaries in high flying related institutions.

Barrister Edu submitted that while realizing that the task of leading a reputable institution like theirs is quite daunting, he hopes to latch on the support of all our esteemed members and goodwill of the array of distinguished personalities who have made it to his investiture and several others who could not make it, to achieve brilliant success in office.

He promised to devote himself unselfishly to giving qualitative leadership to the Council during his tenure, whilst coveting help from God Almighty.

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