Policyholders count insurance blessings

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Counting someone’s blessings helps in understanding enormous benefits enjoyed physically and spiritually.

For most insurance policyholders, it is always difficult to celebrate when claims on life assurance or damaged properties are settled, but they are quick to raise alarm when claims are denied due to errors.

Policyholders who count their insurance blessings should be applauded and many more should be encouraged to share their insurance testimonies to enable more people benefit what they benefited through insurance system.

It was quite soul lifting to hear some AIICO’s annuity customers shared their experiences.

Joseph Igebulem, an annuitant, gave the company a 99 per cent pass mark noting that the underwriting powerhouse has met and surpassed his expectations. He said; “I am Joseph Igebulem holding an annuity policy with AIICO and it has been seamlessly okay. For the past eight years, no flaws. I have even introduced them to my friends here in Lagos and Calabar. So, if I should award in terms percentages, AIICO has met 99 percent of my expectations in the sense that I get information from them when I need it. And again my payment is delivered when due. I am advising everyone and telling those on the verge of retirement now to go for AIICO because I trust it is a very good company for retirement.”

In a similar manner Mrs. Udu Veronica Ugwumba, who retired from PHCN said she bought AIICO Annuity policy since 2015 as she eulogised AIICO’s exceptional service delivery, adding that she has no hesitation recommending the company to everyone who may need its services.

“My name is Mrs Udu Veronica Ugwumba. I worked with National Electric Power Authority, now PHCN Plc. I went into AIICO annuity on the 30th November 2015. It has been a smooth ride with AIICO since I went into the policy I have never regretted it. AIICO is indeed a good insurance company. In fact, I was attracted by the name, American International Insurance Company (AIICO) because I knew it would last.”

“There is confidence in AIICO, it is reliable. I have been recommending AIICO to people, I recommended them to my daughter, I recommended AIICO to a co-worker when we were retired and so many other people. And even when I lost my mother in 2016, I had little or nothing for my own contribution, I had to run to AIICO and they helped, giving me upfront payment. Even after burying my mother, I applied for quarterly payment of my annuity, AIICO did it for me. After that I applied again for monthly payment; they started again to pay me monthly. So AIICO is a reliable insurance company.” Ugwumba said.

Mrs. Okikiade, Clara Kunbi said: “I retired 2020, December, precisely and I joined AIICO Insurance in 2022. Ever since that time they have been paying my annuity regularly. By 13th I receive alert. But the one that surprised me most was before our last festival they paid me ahead of time. So, AIICO is doing a very good job. Also they ensure that they meet their obligations to us as and when due. Keep doing the good job AIICO. Actually I have introduced some people to AIICO because of my experience with them.”

Philip Nnamdi Izundu noted: “I worked with Union Bank of Nigeria, retired and I started the policy the AIICO Annuity policy in 2013. The experience has been very good in terms of punctuality. They never failed and I can say that they are sensitive enough. They have always paid ahead of time especially during festivals. Of course, AIICO has met my expectation. And without reservation I recommend AIICO to those that want to do annuity,” said Izundu.

The Management of AIICO, elated about the testimonies, assured customers, both existing and prospective, of its unwavering commitment to continue to deliver on its mission – creating the most compelling experience, offering best fit products and driving wholesome peace of mind.

Managing Director/CEO AIICO Insurance Plc, Babatunde Fajemirokun, stated “This occasion gives us the opportunity to amplify our gratitude to you for your valued relationship with us. You are the sole reason we are in business and getting better at what we do. Journeying through life with you gives us the most pleasure.”

He noted that the firm’s customer service is not just a department; but a function that has all employees as stakeholders. “Our fundamental purpose is to serve you and we are obsessed with meeting and exceeding your expectations. We look forward to many more years of serving you wholeheartedly,” Fajemirokun submitted.

Sanlam Life Insurance policyholders also share their experiences.

What I love about Sanlam Life Insurance is, from staff to the organisation, they do not just promise but they deliver. The interesting part is I introduced some of my friends to the company annuity and we are all enjoying the service. As a pensioner, the company gives me peace of mind with prompt annuity payment and they are always available to attend to us. I will continue to introduce more retirees” he said.

Another retiree who was so smitten by the company’s services could not hide her delight: “As a retiree, I am saying this with so much joy in my heart: your staff gave me V.I.P treatment. I will choose your company over any other company any day, any time.”

Observers believe testimonials from policyholders and prompt claims payment remain the best advertorial insurance companies need to promote their operations.

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