School Connect partners CIIN on media, insurance education

Participants at the event.

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There is no doubt that there is low level of insurance awareness among the younger generation in this part of the world. To address this challenge in schools in Lagos State, the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) has partnered School Connect Magazine, an education based magazine to give students insurance education thus making them to be well-informed about insurance matters.

This was done during a two-day media cum insurance education training workshop organised for senior secondary students at Emcoy Favoured Comprehensive College, Ogba, Lagos by School Connect Magazine in collaboration with the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria.

The Citizen Journalism training which was an initiative of School Connect Magazine is aimed at giving students media education towards creating a well-informed school community and reporting events and activities within the school.

To make the programme far-reaching School Connect Magazine has collaborated with the CIIN not only to give students media education, but also to bring the apex insurance institute to give insurance education and prepare them towards becoming professional members of the institute. The institute also donated writing materials to the students at the training.

During the presentation to the students at Emcoy Favoured Comprehensive College, Ogba, Miss Adejumo Oluwaseun, a representative of CIIN said, “life itself is a risk. That is why we need to really consider insuring ourselves against eventualities and other risks and losses as taking insurance cover gives peace of mind.”

From left: Miss Helene Fawehinmi; Olugbenga Adebiyi and Oluwaseun Adejumo

In the course of her presentation to the students, Oluwaseun gave the definition of insurance, types of insurance, policy cover and most importantly how to become a member of the CIIN.

Students at the event.

During a question and answer session, one of the participating students who asked how to become a member of the CIIN if she could become a member while in school. In response to this, Oluwaseun said that students in secondary school can become a member of the institute as far as they are sixteen and have their WASSCE.

Miss Helene Fawehinmi of Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria during her presentation at the event.

Buttressing the importance of registering as a member of the institute, while still in school, another partner of the Institute, Miss Helene Fawehinmi, said that “climbing the career leader while others are struggling to do so becomes easier as a professional member.” She said even if you studied Insurance as a course, you still need to be a member of the Institute to become certified and one is likely to get more job and career opportunities by being a member.

Presentation of writing materials donated by the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria to the students at the event.

After the presentation, Olugbenga Adebiyi, Editor of School Connect Magazine thanked the CIIN for the collaboration saying that it would go a long way to preparing the students for a career in Insurance and the become a certified member on time while others are struggling to make headway in that line of career.

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