Why only selfless people willingly buy insurance

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Aside compulsory insurances, only selfless people willingly buy other insurance products to mitigate their risks and those around them.

To be selfless entails loving your neighbour as yourself, just as the holy commanded.

As insurance is an intangible product and an act of paying for a future promise, it is only those that have won the battle against ‘self’, that embrace it.

For the selfish and self-full, who believe they can personally manage their risks, they would never heed the call to buy anything that can save others from risks.

Why only the selfless but insurance

* Love

The selfless love their lives, properties and also extend the love to those around them. Note that you can’t give what you don’t have.
The selfless buys life insurance knowing that he or she wouldn’t be alive to benefit from it, but the selfish and self-full would always ask why would I buy what I can’t enjoy when alive?

* Joy

The selfless is glad when those around him or her are happy, hence would always seek those things to keep them joyous.
With insurance, what would have turned out as sorrow becomes joy and the selfless understands this, hence buys insurance with joy.

* Solution

The selfless is a solution provider. He or she leverages insurance to provide solutions to those known and unknown.

* Giving

The selfless considers insurance as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and means of giving back to the social.

Buying insurance willingly is done from a sound mind driven by selflessness. If you are selfless join the league of insurance policyholders today, for insurance remains one of the means to contribute to better life all mankind.

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