Why only trustworthy people gain from insurance

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Chuks Udo Okonta

People with trust issues hardly benefit from insurance as doubts keep them away from it.

Trust which is a product of faith remains an invisible hands that open doors for opportunities. Hence, people who don’t trust that claims would be paid and only see negative things about insurance would not buy policies that would help them stay above the water when risks happen.

To benefit from insurance, you should trust that your investments would no good bad just like investments such as: Going to school; marriage; having children; training them; serving God, running businesses; pursuing a carrier, keeping money in banks amongst others.

How trust attract benefits from insurance

* Understanding

Trust brings about clear understanding on how insurance works. This is because you must trust the system before seeking knowledge on how it operates.

* Release of fund

Trust plays a critical role in the disbursement of funds, for people hardly put money in this they don’t trust. Therefore, people with trust issues would struggle to pay premium for insurance policies.


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