Why people wouldn’t tell you about their insurance investments

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Chuks Udo Okonta

Investments made in insurance is a top secret people would not want to share freely.

Why the ignorant goes around claiming that insurance is a scam, insurance operators don’t pay claims, those with huge investments in insurance and benefiting from it, look at them and just laugh.

You may wonder why this happens, this article would help provide answers to your puzzle.

Why the secret.

*Investments secrets are only shared with like minds.

Naturally, people are open and free to discuss with individuals who share same vision with them.
I once went to a top executive in the insurance industry to discuss the need for the industry to open up the space for people to plan retirement through deferred annuity. I have not finished my statement, when the executive began to tell me about his investments in the business. He told me that he did not just bought annuity, but inflation linked annuity that helps keep his investments above inflation rate.
From our discussion, it became clear to me that while people are complaining about insurance, the wise are making great fortune, while remaining silent.

*People seek result not problem.

What most people don’t understand, is that wise people look out for solutions, not problems. People are willing to share their investments secrets with people that would help them make more fortune than those lamenting regularly.


Investors look out for motivators that would inspire them on how to grow their fund. Therefore, those who sleep and wake up complaining can never be trusted with investments secrets.

What to do

*Become an investor

To enable benefit you from top insurance investments secrets, you should begin to invest. Investing in insurance would expose you to other investors who would be willing to reveal their investments secrets to you.

*Read more about insurance investments

Improving your knowledge on insurance investments would help you understand products you need to stay above risks.

*Ask reasonable questions

Asking questions remains one of the means of unearthing secrets, and to ask reasonable questions, you should study on the subject matter.
When you ask valid and probing questions that are rooted in knowledge, people would volunteer answers from the secret well.

As no one owns you any explanation, you should put yourself in a position where you can get help.
In spite the complain and apathy people have on insurance, many wise people have continued to stake their investments in the business, leveraging it to mitigate risks, build wealth and live comfortably.

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