Why you need insurance journalists counsel before buying policies


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Chuks Udo Okonta

Insurance journalists as independent assessors are major stakeholders in the insurance value chain, hence, should be your guardian angel when buying a policy.

With wealth of experience drawn from relating and reporting insurance business, insurance focused journalists have almost all the facts about insurance companies, and are in better position to aid you in buying policies from companies that wouldn’t make you sweat.

As they are not commissioned agents, insurance journalists would never mislead you into patronising insurers with questionable characters.

Why you need insurance journalists

* Background checks

To effectively conduct Know-Your-Insurer, you need an independent assessors. And insurance journalists fit into this because they have detailed information about insurance companies owing to their continuous research and report on them.

* Entitlement

Insurance journalists are not in any way tied to insurance companies. Their relationship with underwriters are just mutual and they stand in better position to show prospective policyholders the true picture of insurance firms.

*Indepth knowledge

Many insurance journalists have decade experience reporting insurance and over the years understand the high and low moments of insurance companies. Hence, you can never regret talking with them before buying a policy.

* Feedback

Insurance journalists as intermediaries, serve as contacts which aggrieved policyholders use to connect with insurance companies. The advent of social media has really made it easy for policyholders to express their misgivings through commend sections of reported articles.
Feedbacks from policyholders, help equip journalists on how insurance companies treat their clients.

* Regulatory insights

Owing to the continuous training and retraining received by insurance journalists from regulators, insurance journalists understand the rights of policyholders and are in better position to assist them maximise their rights.

Before you buy that your dreamed insurance policy, it is better to conduct Know-Your-Insurer. And to get a genuine and balance result, you should seek the counsel of a competent and experienced insurance journalist.

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