Why you should consider insurance same as your gateman

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Chuks Udo Okonta

After paying insurance premium for years without making claims, would insurance companies give me a refund? This was the question an uninformed/ uninsured man asked me yesterday.

While searching for a good answer to his question, I got an insight about an employer and his gateman.

I then asked him. If you hire a gateman to watch over your house and year-after-year, you pay him salary without having an attack on you and your properties, would you seek a refund from the gateman just because you never experienced an attract? Or would you dismissed him to save fund because you didn’t witnessed an attack?

Just like the man who asked that question, man people share the belief that insurance is a waste of fund just because they did not make a claim.

Just as criminals would not alert you of their coming, hence you keep paying your gateman in anticipation that he would help you repel an attack from criminals, in same manner, mishaps would not alert you when it would occur, hence, you need insurance just like the gateman to remain protected.

Like gateman what insurance does for you


Insurance helps provides protection against unforseen circumstances.

Just as you have confidence that with the gateman your life and properties are safe, same insurance gives conference on security.

*Risk advisory

Insurance helps you know the level of risks around you. Just as the gateman check suspect moves around you.

*Financial savings

Insurance helps you in saving and growing your wealth. Just as the gateman helps you growth wealth by not losing what you have.


Just as the gateman calls for reinforcement at the time of attack, insurance also helps you solve your problems with fund from people.

With the insights provided so far, you should consider insurance top on your priorities, just as your security. Since you can’t leave your life and valuables unprotected, hence you get a security man, insurance should also serve as an invisible security man to help you stay above risks.

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