Woman who sued 12-year-old nephew over hug blames insurance company for lawsuit


The Connecticut woman who garnered international headlines when she sued her 12-year-old nephew is fighting back.

Jennifer Connell claimed she suffered injuries to her wrist when her nephew hugged her enthusiastically during his birthday party.

On Tuesday, a jury found in the favor of her nephew.

Connell is now saying that she was forced to bring the lawsuit when her insurance company was only willing to pay $1 toward her injury.

The law firm representing her issued a statement on her behalffollowing the decision:

“From the start, this was a case was about one thing: getting medical bills paid by homeowner’s insurance. Our client was never looking for money from her nephew or his family. It was about the insurance industry and being forced to sue to get medical bills paid. She suffered a horrific injury. She had two surgeries and is potentially facing a third. Prior to the trial, the insurance company offered her one dollar. Unfortunately, due to Connecticut law, the homeowner’s insurance company could not be identified as the defendant.”


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