COVID-19: Anchor Insurance cares


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Our dear valued Customers,

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), we have closely been monitoring developments, especially as it concerns its spread to and in Nigeria.

We are conscious of the complexities and challenges the pandemic virus poses. As the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as our Federal Ministry of Health is constantly inundating all on steps to take to avoid contacting it, we have proactively been doing all we can to protect you, our guests, employees and by extension, our families because our business rests on your complete health and safety.
What we have done:

Among others:
• We organized an enlightenment section for members of staff. We brought in a team of highly experienced doctors who exposed employees to what the pandemic is all about, the safety measures available, what to avoid and the need not to panic.
• Our Managing Director/CEO personally appointed himself as our Health Prefect, constantly reminding members of staff on the need to maintain sound and constant personal hygiene.
• We installed automatic alcohol-based hand sanitizers, provided Non-Contact IR Thermometers for temperature checks and made other related health items available in our offices across the country.
• We suspended all local and foreign travels by members of staff. We also encouraged employees to enforce same in their homes.
• We discouraged staffers’ involvement in business or social activities/meetings with large gatherings.
• We further emphasized the need for employees to maintain social distance from the next person wherever they are.
• We encouraged any employee that has health issues like sneezing, prolonged cough, high temperature, etc, to stay at home until seen to be well.
. We have asked all our staff to work from home
• To limit one on one contact while not compromising on our standard of services, we encourage our clients and other publics that constantly have dealings with us to use the following channels that can still give the required results:

For business: Call Fasanmi on 08033911764

For Claims/Reinsurance matters: Call Sola on 08056156230
For other enquiries: Call Nelson on 08138003100

OR mail us on:

While we do the above pending when the virus is totally wiped out across all countries, we urge you to stay safe and be close to information from appropriate quarters for protection guides.
We care.
Your servant,

Ebose Augustine Osegha,

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