RIMSON implores government to stem perennial flooding


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Chuks Udo Okonta

Risk Managers Society of Nigeria (RIMSON) has called on all tiers of Government in the Federation to take more proactive and decisive steps against the avoidable fatalities and catastrophic loss of properties in the perrenial flood zones in Nigeria.

The release signed by Joseph Obah, Vice President, Administration, stated: “The Executive Committee of Risk Managers Society of Nigeria rose from its monthly virtual meeting with a resolution to broach the Nation’s perrenial flooding problem by deploying its risk management expertise in advising the relevant authorities on appropriate and urgent measures to mitigate the debilitating impacts of flooding in the country”

The release further stated that “Government’s efforts should go beyond NIMET’s usual press statements on imminent torrential rains” , arguing that several residents in the flood prone zones are not aware of NIMET’s warnings until flooding occurs. Highlighting several necessary steps which should be taken at the Federal, State and Local Government levels, the release listed the following:
● Need to undertake flood prevention and control measures( dredging of creeks, rivers , and evacuation of blocked drains) for unhindred run of storm water into the ocean.
● All tiers of government should physically mark and install permanent warning signs in all High Risk Perrenially Flooded Areas. This will activate the vulnerable occupants to plan and relocate from such areas as well as prevent uninformed persons from inhabiting the Flood Zones.

The release urged that action taken and implemented in 2020 will prevent and forestall possible fatalities and loss of properties in 2021.

In a chat with the President of RIMSON, Raymond Akalonu, the foremost Risk Management Professional said that RIMSON will not rest on its oars in the agenda to entrench risk management in the socio-economic fabric of the Nation, stating that.

Our Society is committed more than ever in providing appropriate and necessary risk management education in the country” Akalonu, who took over the reins of RIMSON leadership late 2019, said that RIMSON under the watch of the present Governing Board, has strenghtened its risk advocacy machinery geared to conquering new frontiers, including making its subsidiary The Centre for Risk Management Development (CRMD) the hub of risk management education in the West African Sub-Region.

Akalonu further stated that RIMSON will turn 35 in August, 2020 but would rather celebrate developments in the global risk management space. The Society’s President acknowledged the global exploits of risk managers in tackling Covid-19 and mitigating its impacts.

He praised the Nigerian Insurance Industry for assisting the Federal Government in providing insurance covers for the frontline health workers.

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